Return to the Monolith

Return to the Monolith (Book 1)

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Metsapolis, up north in the mountains of the Central Republic, is a Kessel Consortium company mining town. The Monolith, the ancient natural stone obelisk sits at the heart of the City, the symbol of the Consortium. The Consortium owns everything within the Scarp, a thirty-storey wall built to keep out the extinct northern ‘savages’ and mitigate the noxious gases seeping down from their old forests. Employees travel to work on buses in their colour coded uniforms, eat only Consortium food-products and come home to watch their company news bulletins. Targets must be met.

Five women struggle to change or protect this uneasy status quo.

Southern scientist Hana, who is drawn to the north for reasons she cannot explain, ambitious Erin reluctantly returning to Metsapolis to further her career, Lucy and her grandmama, Mora, at odds with the Consortium life and Alga, who climbed in over the Scarp to save the last of her people.


2 thoughts on “Return to the Monolith

  1. I left my comment on the tag before reading this, sorry about that. But oh my, the premise is breathtaking! I love the mystery, danger and basically things falling apart that this synopsis promises. Very cool!


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