Who am I?

Growing up in Tasmania, Madeleine now lives in inner city Melbourne surrounded by books.  For the past fifteen years Madeleine D’Este has lived a double life, immersed in the corporate world by day, whilst dabbling as a novelist and blogger by night. Inspired by her life-long love of science fiction and fantasy pop-culture, Madeleine is currently working with an award-winning genre editor on her debut sci-fi novel Return to the Monolith

Current projects (March 2016)

Monolith series (sci-fi novels)

  • Return to the Monolith (Book 1 Monolith series) – querying with agents
  • Return to the Forest (Book 2) (85k) – Draft 2. Resting.
  • Project Greenfields (Book 3) (65k) – Draft 2. Resting


The Antics of Evangeline (steampunk novellas)

  • Evangeline & the Alchemist – draft 2 in progress

Other Antics in progress

  • Evangeline & the Bunyip
  • Evangeline & the Mystery Dirigible
  • Evangeline & the Urchins
  • Evangeline & the Vampyr



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