How I “finished” – tip#3 Marinate for 4 weeks

Marinate for 4 weeks

When I’m in full on editing mode, I go cross-eyed. I can’t see “the wood for the trees.”


Putting aside my writing to “marinate” is important. Like marinating meat, putting your writing aside makes the flavours richer.

I’ve got a bad memory and when I put something away in the drawer, I completely forget the details. After a period of a month or so, I regain some objectivity about my work. I can see flaws and where to focus next.

And on occasion, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my own work. Hoorah!

Do you have a rule for resting your work?

Tomorrow – Tip#4 Thwarting Resistance.


One thought on “How I “finished” – tip#3 Marinate for 4 weeks

  1. Yay! I completely agree with this, and I believe many other writers will as well. It’s one of the reasons that I’m okay with writing different books at the same time because you can rotate them. One month you work on A. The next month you work on B. Then you can go to C or go to A again. It’s perfect and you always have something to work on to keep yourself in the groove. :p (Unless you just need a month off to read or something. That works, too. :p)


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