Nanowrimo – I’m in again

I’m not quite sure how many nanowrimos I’ve done. I first heard of the fun crazy challenge in 2002 or 2003 from a friend in London. I’ve done at least four, I can remember.

My profile is from my days as a closet writer and apparently you can’t change your profile name. So find me under madolescent.

Nanowrimo taught me how to vomit draft.

Now I don’t get writer’s block, I keep on writing and writing. Filling the page with words even though it’s rubbish and sometimes it feels like I’m only typing.

But this way, the words get down and somehow in amongst the rabid typing, the magic happens.

Are you in?


7 thoughts on “Nanowrimo – I’m in again

  1. I’m doing it for the first time this year. Great to hear that it helped you – I think I’m about where you were when you started it from the sounds of it. But the vomit drafting seems to be going well!


    1. Vomit drafts are so freeing. Just write it all down. Don’t worry if it’s a dog’s breakfast of cliches and clumsy sentences, just capture the essence of your story. Add ‘xxx’ if you can’t think of a character name or location or magical implement. Jump ahead if you get stuck, no one says you have to write in sequence.
      All this stuff can be fixed later in editing.


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