Writing dilemma – who’s my target audience?

Today’s writing dilemma…should I write for a specific audience or write for myself?

In my day job, I’ve been a product manager for ah-hem years. Rule #1 being – know your customer and develop a product to meet your customer’s needs. For years I’ve been analysing and getting to know my “target market”.

But when it comes to my writing, I don’t really know who my target audience is.

I’m writing a book I’d like to read and couldn’t find. In the wise words of the incredible Toni Morrison….

If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.

But then I’m busting another rule of marketing – don’t market to yourself. Cos that’s a pretty small market. I’m not going to buy my own book!

Confusion reigns.


This is today’s dilemma…how do you approach your writing? Do you have a specific audience in mind or do you write to interest yourself?


3 thoughts on “Writing dilemma – who’s my target audience?

  1. cbiliciwrites

    I’ve recently been asking myself this very same question. Who am I writing for? Who is the target audience for this Ottoman steampunk adventure with a couple of ninjas thrown in that I have been working all month at?

    Of course, it’s for me. Who else could it be for?

    But then why should anyone else read it?

    The only answer that I have come up with is, essentially, I am not all that unique. So there has to be people out there who, given that I have done a decent enough job, would also. It might seem ludicrous to leave to a law of averages, but it’s not really such a crapshoot. Talent has to come into it.

    I guess therein lies the rub. I don’t have a degree in marketing or an editor or anything. So it’s all on me 😛


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